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Donor Recognition

The Estée Lauder Award

Area(s) of Focus

Zhe-Bin Liu, MD, PhD

Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO
Resident, Department of Breast Surgery
Breast Cancer Institute
Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
Shanghai, China

Current Research

Advances in DNA sequencing technology have made it possible to screen entire tumor genomes, allowing scientists to uncover the secrets of tumor development and progression based on changes in gene expression. To identify key drivers in the spread of breast cancer, a process called metastasis, Dr. Liu is conducting high-throughput genomic studies of matched (from the same patient) primary tumors and metastases in patients with triple negative breast cancer. She is conducting her work under the mentorship of BCRF grantee Dr. Jenny Chang at the Methodist Hospital Research Institute in Houston, TX. Her study will involve analyses of genomic and cellular pathway changes that occur when tumors metastasize to different sites, such as brain vs. lung, and how tumor markers, such as estrogen receptor or HER2, change during metastasis. These studies may reveal new molecular pathways that are selectively turned on or off to promote metastasis and identify targets for the development of targeted drugs to treat or prevent metastasis.


Dr. Zhe-Bin Liu obtained her doctorate from the Department of Breast Surgery of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, which is one of the top medical institutions in China. During this period, she has conducted a number of clinical and translational research projects on metastatic breast cancer, the results of which have been published in Oncogene and the Journal of Biological Chemistry, among others. Dr. Liu was the first to report that the mannose-mediated EGFR pathway had a critical function in the mechanism of PA-MSHA. As a staff member of the Fudan Breast Cancer Institute, Dr. Liu has also been involved in several research projects. During the past few years, Dr. Liu has published five papers as the first author and at least 15 papers as the key author. In addition, she has grants from both the National Nature Science Foundation of China and Nature Science Foundation of Shanghai, which are the most recognized grants in China.

Dr. Liu’s past experience with the leading institutions of medical science in China has enabled her to build a strong foundation in clinical medicine and basic research.