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BCRF Grantee Since


Stephanie C. Pero, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

Current Research

Antibodies are now widely accepted supportive therapeutic agents for the treatment of a variety of cancers. The ability to reliably generate tumor-specific antibodies from cancer patients’ B cells will help in developing better therapeutics that are more cancer-specific. While patients develop auto-antibodies to a solid tumor, the level of the antibody response is too low to have significant antitumor effect. This means that there are B cell clones producing antitumor antibodies, but they are suppressed (or not activated sufficiently) by the complex immunoregulatory systems in the human body. Dr. Pero’s goal is to identify and produce therapeutic human monoclonal antibodies from the tumor-initiating B cells, using a newly developed high throughput screening assay.


Dr. Stephanie Pero received her doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Vermont, where she is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery. Dr. Pero has authored numerous scientific papers publications including the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Journal of Cell Biochemistry, and Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.