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The Radar Tires [Omni United] Award

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Richard R. Love, MD, MS

Scientific Director
International Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Madison, WI

Current Research

Project 1: Continuing their work describing breast cancer in Asian populations, among whom two-thirds of all new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed annually, Dr. Love’s team will focus on two projects in 2013-2014. The first study stems from the provocative findings from their just-completed phase III adjuvant surgical oophorectomy-timing trial in South East Asia, where early follicular phase surgery appears significantly more effective. Their plan is to recruit 30 premenopausal women undergoing oophorectomy for benign conditions. Researchers will investigate the nature and temporal profiles of systemic blood hormonal changes at baseline and during the hours and days following this surgery using newly developed liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry assessments. The purpose of these studies is to develop a biological model to explain their clinical trial results.

Project 2: Dr. Love’s team will use samples from their tissue bank collected from Vietnamese and Filipino women with hormone receptor-positive (HR+) tumors in the just-completed phase III adjuvant hormonal therapy trial. Researchers will investigate test panels of microRNA and mRNA immunological genomic markers using methods developed by fellow BCRF grantee, Dr. Robert Schneider, and colleagues at New York University School of Medicine. They will test the capacity of these training sets to distinguish better and poorer-outcome participants in the clinical trial.

Mid-Year Summary

This grant supports two studies, both of which address the hormonal effect of the timing of surgery to remove ovaries on outcomes. The first study will investigate the nature and temporal profiles of systemic blood hormone changes at the time of surgery and after. The second study will use the existing bank of hormone-receptor positive tumors collected during a clinical trial to understand poorer and better outcomes for women who have their ovaries surgically removed as part of their cancer treatment.


Dr. Richard R. Love is the Scientific Director of the International Breast Cancer Research Foundation (IBCRF). For the past 25 years Dr. Love has been involved with and has led clinical trials of hormonal therapies in breast cancer, and for the last 20 years he has been conducting breast cancer clinical trials in Asia. Dr. Love's phase III adjuvant oophorectomy/tamoxifen trial in Vietnam established this intervention as a global standard of care for women with hormone receptor positive tumors. The successor adjuvant trial investigating the timing of surgical oophorectomy has successfully accrued the planned 741 participants in Vietnam and Philippines, and its high quality conduct and data provide the unique opportunity to investigate tamoxifen pharmacogenomics. For the last seven years Dr. Love has been working in Bangladesh, on economic and human development which are critical to cancer outcomes improvement there, as well as on several breast cancer related research projects.

Dr. Love has been an advisor to the National Institute of Oncology in Rabat, Morocco, the National Cancer Institute in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii in Honolulu. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers. In 2009, Dr. Love was selected to Research!America's Paul G. Rogers Society for Global Health Research.

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