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The Smart Circle/RGS Labs International Award

Area(s) of Focus

James N. Ingle, MD

Co-Director, Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer SPORE
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
Foust Professor of Oncology
Mayo Clinic Medical School
Rochester, Minnesota

Current Research

Tamoxifen and raloxifene belong to a class of anti-estrogen drugs called SERMs and have been shown to be effective agents for the chemoprevention of breast cancer. However, many women at high risk for breast cancer will not take these drugs due to the potential for toxicity. The focus of Dr. Ingle’s research is to identify biomarkers that can predict who is most likely to benefit from SERM prevention therapy. They have identified two genetic markers that appear to be associated with response to SERM treatment. The same genes are involved in regulation of the BRCA genes, and so may also be important in selecting patients for PARP inhibitor therapy, a therapy that is currently in clinical trials for BRCA-related and triple negative breast cancer. These findings indicate that, for the first time, breast cancer prevention therapy may be able to be “personalized” by using genetic biomarkers. Dr. Ingle’s BCRF research continues to provide insights into the effectiveness of SERMs in preventing breast cancer among women.


James N. Ingle, MD is Professor of Oncology and Foust Professor in Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He is the leader of breast cancer research in the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center serving as Program Co-Leader of the Women's Cancer Program with responsibility for breast cancer.  Dr. Ingle is Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Specialized Program of Research Excellence. He was chair of the Breast Committee of the North Central Cancer Treatment Group for 22 years (1977-1999).

His primary interests are pharmacogenomics and translational research involving endocrine therapy of breast cancer, and the biology of endocrine sensitivity. His clinical research has impacted clinical practice. He has served on numerous national and international bodies such as the NIH (1990, Conference Vice-Chair) and St. Gallen (2003-2013) Consensus Conference Panels on early breast cancer (Co-Chair of the 2009 St. Gallen Conference), and the NCI Breast Cancer Steering Committee.