The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Donate Now WINTER 2010

Letter from our President

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was created in 1993 to bridge a gap—in time and in knowledge. BCRF operates like a think tank for breast cancer cures. Our Executive Board of Scientific Advisors led by our Scientific Director Dr. Larry Norton, and our Scientific Advisory Committee chaired by Dr. Clifford Hudis, have brought together the world's highest caliber of scientists to collaborate in finding new answers to the problems of successfully treating, and eventually preventing, breast cancer.

It is their expertise that guides our grant making. They have identified not only the best researchers in the world, but also the projects that have had the highest yield in moving life-saving research forward. Here are a few areas where BCRF funding has had significant impact:

Did you know that if not for BCRF, many facts about the genetic basis of breast cancer would not be known? BCRF-supported scientists have created the most comprehensive database of breast cancer genes ever assembled. They are also studying the inherited genes that may give you a high risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer, or that may protect you from developing either.

If not for BCRF, breast cancer stem cells would be much more of a mystery. The BCRF-supported scientists who discovered breast cancer stem cells—the "roots" of breast cancer that behave differently than the rest of tumor cells—are finding out how they work, and are developing therapies designed specifically to kill them.

If not for BCRF, personalized, targeted therapies would be in our future, rather than available now. Our scientists are fine-tuning the new drugs that have significantly improved our ability to shrink cancers with fewer side effects by learning how to better choose which women with breast cancer will benefit the most from these drugs. They are also developing new ways of using such medicines to make them even more effective and less toxic. And they are finding new targets and developing new drugs to attack them. Survival and quality of life following treatment have already improved dramatically.

If not for BCRF, the world of breast cancer research would be smaller than it is today. BCRF will go anywhere in the world where there is great research. Today, BCRF funds research in more than a dozen countries—dramatically improving diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of breast cancer that aids women across the globe.

There are many examples that point to the positive return on investment of BCRF dollars in preventing and curing breast cancer. We need your support now more than ever to build on the remarkable progress we have made. We hope we can continue to count on you to help us.


Myra J. Biblowit