The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Donate Now WINTER 2010

A Message from Evelyn Lauder, Founder and Chairman

All of us live in an interconnected and unified world. That is why, in our sixteenth year, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's focus is on our global reach. By including international projects in BCRF's portfolio, we have not only helped establish better care in areas of the world like Africa, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America, but also collaborated with doctors and patients around the globe in ways that bring important insights back to the United States.

One of our early reasons for funding international projects is due to the genetic aspect of breast cancer. The more we study specific populations of women around the globe, the more we realize that the genetic picture is bigger than what we know. It behooves scientists to study as many populations as possible to see a more complete picture of the role genetics plays in breast cancer. BCRF will go anywhere in the world where someone is doing great research in order to help stop breast cancer!

In our sixteen years, we have poured more than $216 million into breast cancer research. This year, we are funding researchers in 12 countries. BCRF's global champions continue to gain momentum, and they are saving more lives each year. We are the most highly rated breast cancer organization anywhere because of our low overhead and our excellent science—with a four-star rating for eight consecutive years by Charity Navigator and an A+ from the American Institute of Philanthropy. BCRF is proud to be the best breast cancer organization poised to prevent and cure this disease.

Especially during these challenging months, we cannot afford to lose even one project, as it will impede our ongoing progress. Please keep BCRF a priority.

Here's to a healthy and happy 2010!

Evelyn H. Lauder