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Breast Cancer Research Foundation grantee and lead author, Dr. Christine Ambrosone, explains the significance of the study
BCRF's Chief Mission Officer Dr. Marc Hurlbert answers commons questions surrounding breast cancer screening
Key Takeaways from the Third International Consensus Conference for Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC3) in Lisbon, Portugal
BCRF scientific leaders believe it is entirely reasonable for women to continue to get mammograms every year starting at 40. Much of the public discussion about the risks of mammographic screening do not emphasize the fact that the risks are subjective.
BCRF and Women's Health Magazine debunk common myths
Alleviating Overtreatment and Advancing Personalized Treatment Options for Breast Cancer Patients
The study was an international collaborative effort led by former BCRF and Conquer Cancer Foundation grantee, Priscilla Brastianos
The prestigious grants will further their groundbreaking research projects over the next seven years
The recent study focuses on the uncertainty of the association of breast cancer risk with certain gene mutations
The new online channel offers a forum for some of the brightest minds in breast cancer research