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After watching her best friend of more than 30 years Roxanne die of metastatic breast cancer, Carol McCarthy struggled with a way to honor her memory.  She grappled with grief and couldn’t bear to involve herself in anything that could remind her of the pain she witnessed firsthand.

Metastasis occurs when cancer cells break away from a tumor and travel to distant parts of the body—the most dreaded event for a cancer patient. It is a mystery why some cells are able to travel through the body while others are not.

BCRF is proud to announce we have teamed up with to fund a year’s worth of research hours.

Help Davina cross the finish line. Support her 470-mile race today with a small or large donation. Every dollar counts! Learn more here.


Allison and her husband, David, were drawn to video games at a young age – this was one of the reasons why they fell in love and found careers in information technology. Now, the couple has decided to use their passion to help others. 

Dr. Park’s research at Johns Hopkins focuses on finding mutated or altered genes responsible for breast cancer initiation and growth or resistance to anti-cancer drugs.

AACR’s annual meeting, the largest cancer research gathering in the world, attracts basic and clinical scientists, as well as representatives from industry, patient advocacy and governmental regulatory agencies.

Every mom is different. If yours prides herself on perfecting her green thumb or her signature recipe, these products from our partners are a perfect way to treat her this Mother’s Day.